Iga Warta is a family business run by members of the Coulthard family. This is what makes it so successful.

Cliff Coulthard is the senior cultural interpreter, and he has had a varied career. He was one of the first three Aboriginal Rangers with the Department of Environment in the 1980's and was awarded a study scholarship to travel to France to examine the cave paintings at Lascaux in south west France. During the period he was in France, Cliff and worked on an excavation and studied stone arrangements as well as the actual paintings. He was able to apply his knowledge of ancient art works to assist the interpretation at this site. Cliff interprets the rock art of the Flinders Ranges for visitors from across Australia and the world. He works with archaeology lecturers and students, botanists, geologists, teachers and school groups and family tourists just passing through.

He believes that interpreting the land through the culture, language and art of the area is very important not only for the education of visitors but also for the preservation of his people's land. He also knows that interpretation must be experienced first hand.

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Terry Coulthard is the Administrator of Iga Warta. He is a trained teacher and has worked both in schools and in adult education. Terry is working on a language project that is preserving Yura Ngawarla, the language of the Adnyamathanha people. Terry is a singer and song writer and uses music to assist in his interpretation of the history of the area. He follows a timeline from before non-Aboriginal contact to present day with songs that tell of the mission time and pastoralists and where his people are today. As an educator Terry is very aware of the importance of education to break down barriers. He believes with more understanding more people will come to respect his land, his culture and his people.

Josie Coulthard is the Senior female cultural interpreter and she facilitates the tours of the Artu Muda, (Women's Dreaming). Josie has worked in the Public Service in different positions but particularly in schools where she has shared her cultural knowledge and skills with fellow staff and the students. She is an amazing teacher of her culture who always adds a personal touch to her tours. Iga Warta has won awards for the food provided and Josie has been a big part of the expertise in this area as well. She has a flair for cooking that incorporates bush tucker and her passion for excellence in food preparation and presentation has been rewarded with the Gourmet Travellers award for Gastronomic food for travellers.

Johnny Coulthard is a cultural interpreter and is only too keen to share his cultural knowledge he has gained from a lifetime of living and working in the Iga Warta area. John shares his culture with others so they may learn the relevance of Adnyamathanha culture to our every day lives

Vincent Coulthard Jnr represents the next generation of the Iga Warta family, he is one of our cultural interpreters and is also kept busy with administration tasks. Vince Jn and his family are an important part of the future for Iga Warta.

Vince Coulthard is an important member of the Iga Warta team. He is one of our senior cultural interpreters and is also the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Iga Warta Pty Ltd. Vince has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Native Title, business management and administration and therefore plays a vital role in the Iga Warta community.

Kingsley Coulthard is a cultural interpreter who also works in the admin area for Iga Warta. He knows the importance of following the dream of his father to share their culture with the wider community to break down the barriers. Kingsley has held many jobs in the public service in the areas of Health and also at Centrelink. This gives him a good insight to non-Aboriginal Australia and this gives a depth to his involvement in cross cultural training.

Clarrie Coulthard is a cultural interpreter and his specialty is artefact making. He spends time with visitors teaching them the ancient art of boomerang making. Clarrie is also an accomplished musician and he can play and sing both traditional and contemporary music. He is often found entertaining guests around the campfire with his renditions of popular songs.


Our Elders play an important role in everything we do at Iga Warta.

They share their cultural knowledge not only with the younger generations but also with our visitors.

Lena Coulthard is our mother and one of the Elders at Iga Warta. She is proud of her families achievements and she visits as often as she can. She shares her knowledge of the Muda with younger members and provides cultural guidance and oversees traditional cooking.

Iga Warta is a family business and there is a whole team of people who help to make your experience one you will always remember.
You really can become part of the family at Iga Warta and this adds to the special time you will have with us.